Sevgi Bağları is a company that offers grape varieties grown in the fertile soil of Turkey to the world market with the aim of bringing importers, wholesalers, distributors and ultimate consumers together.

Our grape varieties are Crimson Seedless, Sultana Seedless, Superior Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Seedless Pink Uzbek Grape and Black Seeded Michel Palieri; we would be pleased to meet your needs properly with the highest quality products.

You can find detailed information about our products on our website. Hope you spend a good time and find all the information you need.

Please contact us for opinions, additional information and requests.


From nature to your table...

Sevgi Bağları, serving with the understanting of nature and naturalness provides the opportunity of getting the quality grapes to your table in no time.

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The difference of Sevgi Bağları on Grape Farming
The difference of Sevgi Bağları on Grape Farming