About Us

Sevgi Bağları is a table grape and olive project that transpired out of the personal passion of entrepreneurial businessman İhsan Yümlü for agriculture. The constitution is structured as a family business and managed by an expert team who have devoted their full attention and effort to agriculture.

Sevgi Bağları is situated in Durasıllı District, Salihli, Manisa which is brought into production as an agricultural land in the wake of a long-term field rehabilitation. Grown with the criterion of ‘Good Farming’ on 800 decares (acres) of land and first planted in 2008, Our grapes take their place on tables since 2013. Our vineyard consists of approximately 100,000 vinestock, and Crimson Seedless,  Sultana Seedless, Superior Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Seedless Pink Uzbek Grape and Black Seeded Michel Palieri grape varieties are grown. There are 27,000 trees on our land of 700 decares allocated exclusively for the production of olives; Manzalina, Gemlik olives and Trilye, which have yielded their first products.

Our Mission

  • Research and development activities, keeping up-to-date with advancing technologies
  • Supported by education,
  • Environmentally friendly methods with the principle of sustainable living philosophy,
  • Customer satisfaction by meeting needs and expectations
  • Healthy and safe food production

Our Vision

  • Leading the market,
  • Inspiring employees,
  • Top priority for food safety,
  • Being favored,
  • and having the principle to be a reliable food manufacturer

The Sevgi Bağları Technique

The production quality of Sevgi Bağları has been documented with Good Agricultural Practices certificate as of 07.06.2013. This certificate is granted through tracking a series of production stages affecting human and environmental health including seed and plant quality, fertilizer, staff competence, balance of plant conservation and handling of wastes by independent auditors with or without notice.

Our production procedure is administered in Compliance with the GLOBALGAP guidelines on production methods and the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on pest control. In addition, this process is carried out with a retroactive traceability focus supported by data logging and analysis; thus enabling us to execute a simultaneous retrospective analysis and take the necessary precautions in case of any retroactive information request.

The cultivation system of Sevgi Bağları has brought a healthy, innovative and sustainable point of view to the region’s agricultural techniques and mostly ancestral grape growing methods. Our good agricultural practices are reinforced with this exclusive cultivation system. The high and wide angled arms of saplings forming a “Y” structure that is frequently preferred in the United States and Australia on modern table grape growing area provides maximum utilization of sunrays and a better ventilation which has a positive effect on incidence of some diseases resulting from inadequate ventilation problems. This composition is one of the most important structural steps which makes a less pesticide-used and healthier production procedure possible.

The main structure of Sevgi Bağları product line is based on early, mid-term and temporary varieties with the goal of serving consumers for an extended period of time. Grapes that are grown in this manner can meet the quality, standard, and non-residual table grape consumption needs of both local and global consumers throughout the year. Exhibiting its difference by the selection of varieties in terms of taste, Sevgi Bağları has pioneered the introduction of Crimson Seedless to the local market which is suitable for traditional perception of taste and visuality and also one of the few popular varieties in the world. On the selection of the grape varieties, not only the taste is taken into consideration, but also the kinds of grapes should be complementary in terms of production scale in the region – which do not compete with other farmers.

Producing with the principle of “grapes which our own children can eat safely”, Sevgi Bağları is preparing to be a guest to our homes with its first products certified both nationally and internationally on quality standards; already exhibiting its difference with the adopted production principles and distinctive viticulture model that is nourished by modern design.