At Sevgi Bağları, we focus all of our activities on the needs and requirements of our customers. We offer our customers the highest level of quality and the best services. Our market is characterised by high demands in productivity and quality, advancing globalisation and the desire of the retail trade to involve the grower ever more closely in quality and food safety issues. We happily accept this challenge and contribute our share to shaping the future of the market.

Quality Assurance

For Sevgi Bağları, quality assurance means guaranteeing consistent and uniform quality from production to the final consumer. Our concept of quality is not limited to the quality of our products, however; it also includes the quality of all our fruit-related services as well. Regular monitoring and consulting services are the cornerstone of effective quality assurance. Compliance with the GLOBALGAP guidelines on production methods and the Integrated Pest Management IPM on pest control are standard practices for us. We assure complete traceability of our products; in the event of any consumer complaints, we can immediately identify the problem and take countermeasures. We offer a comprehensive control system from the grower to the customer.

Quality Management

Our quality management starts with the establishment of a programme for controlled cultivation, which includes IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure protection of the environment and attention to human health issues. Our high-quality products conform to GLOBALGAP criteria, and Sevgi Bağları assures hygienic conditions during processing.

Harvest time for our products is determined on the basis of two main criteria:

  • Degree of maturity and Brix value; and Results of the residue analysis residue monitoring assures conformity with the German Regulation on Residue Limits. However, customers may also define their own specifications which we implement during production.
  • Our extensive experience guarantees our customers that the fruit they offer to their end consumer is reliable.


Sevgi Bağları offers its customers and consumers the highest in quality and food safety. Sevgi Bağları products can be traced back to the local market in the cultivation area. Traceability is governed by an regulation which is strictly adhered to. Every grower is assigned a code number which includes the GLOBALGAP registration number. With this coding system, we compile, among others, all records about field activities, the realised pest control measures, the Brix value at harvest time, the analysis report, waiting time in the processing plant, storage conditions and transport. The relevant departments keep internal records which are registered on the product data sheets. The form sheets they issue allow traceability that takes account of the relationship between individual procedural steps. The product packages are accompanied by customer complaint forms. These are evaluated and serve as the basis for any necessary countermeasures. The departments concerned subsequently inform customers about the measures taken.

Customer Orientation

We are well aware that our employees are the foundation of our success. The diversity of our employees is our strength. Sevgi Bağları is proud of its respectful and dignified treatment of its employees. Customer orientation We strive to fulfil our customer’s demands and make every effort to maintain customer satisfaction. Innovation is the key to growth and prosperity in our society. Innovation is also the basis of our growth and success. We strive to continually improve our services by monitoring our results carefully and by ensuring that our employee integrity and satisfaction is never in doubt. Sevgi Bağları name has been synonymous with trust and reliability. Quality has and always will constitute the foundation of our work. We are committed to services that will exceed the future quality demands of our customers and business partners, as well as our employees.

Food Safety

Food safety and consumer protection have been the top-priority issues at our company. We asked ourselves: “How can we assure our customers the highest quality, reliable food safety and consumer protection along with the best possible service? Our answer: Full control of every link in the food production chain from the field to the customer. As a full-service provider we control every stage of the process from harvesting to processing, packaging, transport and distribution, as well as all their interfaces. This assures us direct involvement in the entire production process.

We also maintain an intensive dialogue with pesticide producers and have initiated a pilot project that brings together contract farmers and their employees, agro-engineers and pesticide manufacturers. Together we have established a project and action plan designed to monitor and document the effects of the pesticides used. We monitored the time it takes for every individual pesticide concentration to drop below the MRL values permitted in Germany and the time it takes until the fruits are entirely free of residues.As a result of this pilot project, we were able to reduce the quantity of pesticides to less than half that of previous practices.


Sevgi Bağları has “Tailor-Made Programmes” for its food retailer customers. Our customers provide us with their internal pesticide limit values and the lists of substances whose use they prohibit. For us, those data constitute binding customer requirements. At the beginning of the season, samples are taken in the cultivation area prior to the start of the harvest, which are tested for pesticide residues by our contractual laboratory. The results are disclosed to our customers. The fruits are only harvested and shipped after examination of the results by our customers and only if the customer-specific limits have been complied with. At the instruction of our customer, random samples are taken from the delivered batches and again analysed. The test report and the results are sent to our customers. In the course of our Seasonal cooperation, we jointly define corrective measures and suggestions for improvement, and implement them. Our holistic system guarantees product safety on the highest level and underlines our self-concept as a competent and reliable partner of our customers which makes us proud.

Critical Control Points

      1. Harvest planning begins after maturation in the individual regions. The plan addresses the various aspects of labour, equipment and transport demand, and sets a schedule. Actual harvesting depends on the status of fruit maturity and fruit health. The required interval between pest control measures and harvest time is strictly adhered to; produce is collected only after residue analyses have proved them to be safe. Immediately prior to harvest, samples are taken in the cultivation area and sent to our accredited contract laboratory. The sample is identified with the farmer code. The areas are approved for harvest in accordance with the residue analyses. The test report of our contract laboratory which we make available to our customers includes the farmer code. This enables our customers to check for themselves that their deliveries comply with residue limits and that currently-valid ARfD values are assured, because we also indicate the farmer code on our consignment note. Before their employment beings, harvest hands receive training in harvesting and harvesting techniques, together with suitable work clothes and tools. Fruits are hand-picked and collected in small harvesting boxes to protect them and avoid bruising. Small quantities also allow for better selection. The collection boxes are disinfected prior to use and the relevant hygiene regulations are strictly followed. Every harvesting box carries the field number and the farmer code; after processing and packaging, these are stated on the packaging cartons under the heading “Farmer Code.” The farmer code ensures continuous traceability.
      2. The fruit boxes are loaded onto cooling trucks which deliver their load to the central packaging facility. Upon acceptance of the produce, the documents are handed over, the fruit is visually checked and deficient goods sorted out. After pre-cooling, the goods are released for processing and packaging.
      3. Employees who come in contact with food must wear protective clothing. The same applies to visitors and persons who enter the facility for business or work purposes and who – in the course of their stay at the plant – may come into contact with food. The protective clothing is provided by the company. We have established and announced personal hygiene standards to all our personnel. Production management ensures that our employees conscientiously conform to these standards. The hygiene norms are displayed in the plant wherever necessary. These same rules also apply to external visitors. All employees who work in production safety risk areas are subject to the provisions of our procedural instruction “Medical Check-up.” All our staff receives training in their respective jobs and suitable working clothes.
      4. For delivery to our customers, we use transport vehicles that satisfy the particular conditions of the cargo they carry.  Transport vehicles and the conditions of transport are governed by forwarding contracts we execute with forwarders. The dispatch of goods is regulated in our “Dispatch Instruction”.