The difference of Sevgi Bağları on Grape Farming

The difference of Sevgi Bağları on Grape Farming

At first glance, we see that the high system of vineyard cultivation with wide angled arms of  “Y” structure in our land which is frequently preferred in the United States and Australia on modern table grape growing area provides maximum utilization of sunrays and a better ventilation which has a positive effect on incidence of some diseases resulting from inadequate ventilation problems. This composition is one of the most important structural steps which makes a less pesticide-used and healthier production procedure possible. The presence of Sevgi Bağları in the region can be considered as a good opportunity for local producers who are stuck with traditional methods in that they can gain a recognition of American and Australian table grape varieties production and vineyard setup models.

Sevgi Bağları, establishing the main structure of early, mid-term and temporary varieties in grape growing with the goal of meeting the needs of internal and external market in terms of quality, standard and non-residual table grape consumption, presents its own characteristic via selection of varieties. In the belief that producing new grape varieties consciously such as American Crimson Seedless, one of the few popular varieties in the world, the domestic market will divert its route to more innovative kinds with a demanding change in the local consumer’s traditional perception of taste and visuality in the next few years.

Producing with the principle of “grapes which our own  children can eat safely”, Sevgi Bağları is preparing to be a guest to our homes with its first products certified both nationally and internationally on quality standards which reveal our characteristic model viticulture to Turkey in parallel with the modern world.

In the light of these criteria, evaluating Sevgi Bağları as a diverse agricultural project on grape and olive production with its cultural values and goals would be more accurate rather than just as an agricultural production plant.

Sevgi Bağları Agricultural Project

When it comes to grape and olive, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are kinds fruits on our tables. In fact, grape and olive come to our tables with a background as old as the history of humanity. Today, the presence of 1000-year-old olive trees in the Mediterranean belt Anatolia is one of the most striking signs of this profound historical and cultural accumulation. In addition to these, grape dates back to 5000 years BC which proves that it is one of the oldest fruit kinds produced on earth.

The importance of olive and grape throughout the history of mankind can be realized by the imposed symbols pointing to the sociological principles and virtues on them such as wealth, purity, peace and health. Established targeting olive and grape production, Sevgi Bağları plantations prioritize this historical, cultural heritage with  respect for the nature, adopting an innovative production model which aims a positive impact on the agricultural structure of the region.